Weird !! Meet The Famous 10 Most Spoiled Kids in the World


Prince George of Course when you are royalty, you are going to be pampered with the finer things in life. and though He can barely walk, Prince George has been spoiled Beyond his own comprehension. When he was born, brands from all over the world lavished the newborn with their gift. One company stylefile decided to make a set of infant nail Clippers just for the new prince. Since the nail Clippers were going to be for royalty, they had to pull out all the stops and craft an 18 Karat-gold set of Clippers encrusted with 350 one-Carat Diamonds.

 Josephine Lau Being the daughter of a Japanese billionaire tycoon has its perks. in 2015, joseph Lao dropped 77 million dollars on a pair of a rare diamonds for his seven-year-old daughter josephine. The first diamond was a whopping 12.03 twelve point o three carats and was named the “blue-Moon of Josephine” by the adoring father. The second Diamond was a Vivid pink color and an even bigger 16.08 carats. this isn’t the first time Lau has showered one of his daughters with diamonds. Just a year before, he bought two huge diamonds for Josephine’s 13 thirteen year old sister Zoey.

┬áZachary furnishe John, What do you get for a baby Who has everything? well, according to Elton John and his longtime partner David Furnish, you get them their own Apartment of course before their son was born, the couple decided they weren’t going to go the traditional Nursery route the couple converted a two million dollar apartment into their son Noah’s own private nursery. the Toddler had his own multi-Million Dollar property before he was even born.

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