Top 4 Most real horror stories that inspired Mysterious American horror story “THEY ARE ALL REAL”

 Dalfen La Lori Kathy bates played Madame Delphine LA Laurie the sadistic mother and slave owner in American Horror Story who shows no remorse for the hideous way she treats her slaves so how accurate is her portrayal and was the real Delphine LA Laurie really that cruel born in 1775 Delphine was brought up in a time when slavery was perfectly acceptable and it was normal to use extreme discipline at the time of a third marriage to a French physician Louis la Lori she owned at least 54 slaves she kept them chained up and gave them the bare minimum rations to survive despite complaints from her friends and relatives about the barbaric treatment she continued to incarcerate her slaves in wretched conditions and it was reported she would be her children if they tried to feed them then in April 1834 a fire broke out at the Lowell ory residence the fire was in the kitchen just below the slave quarters and neighbors became concerned about the chained up slaves being trapped and burned after dalfen refused to hand over the keys to the slave quarters the door was broken down this is when they discovered the appalling conditions the poor slaves were living in they were tightly chained together and their bodies were covered in scars and open wounds apparently seven of the men were horribly mutilated and found suspended by their necks with their limbs stretched and torn one of the men also had a gaping hole in his head that was apparently filled with worms it’s been said that the fire that led to the discovery of the slaves barbaric conditions was deliberately started by a 70 year old lady who was the cook who was found chained to the stove by a ankle she said she started the fire as a suicide attempt as she feared she was going to be sent for punishment in one of the upper rooms and said that any slave who entered this room was never seen again shortly after the discovery the LA Laura home was ambushed by angry locals and dalfen fled and is thought to have lived out the rest of her days in Paris where she died and was buried sometime in the 1840s before being exhumed and reburied in the st. Louis cemetery in New Orleans although there is no actual record of her grave there in the 1930s a man found an old copper plaque in one of the alleys at the cemetery and Dalfen Lalaurie’s name was inscribed on it stating her place of death was in Paris on the 7th of December 1842