Top 4 Most real horror stories that inspired Mysterious American horror story “THEY ARE ALL REAL”

There are many films books documentaries and TV shows that are based around real-life happenings an American Horror Story the famous television series can be added to that list most of the program’s characters were created using the inspiration from real events and people .here are four people and a place that has been the inspiration behind the show all of which have a grisly and dark history

     Twisty the Clown is probably one of the scariest and freakiest characters of all with his disturbing mask and murderous antics he really is everyone’s worst nightmare and the fact that he is a clown makes him even creepier so creepy in fact but even the U.S. is largest clown organization complained that American Horror Story is contributing to an increase in clown fear which is already a very common phobia to make matters worse twist II was based on a real-life clown and his name was John Wayne Gacy also known as the killer clown who was a serial killer in the 1970s now although this has not been confirmed and many argue it’s false it’s said during serve John Savage attacks he would be dressed up as his alter-ego Pogo the clown which was an act he created in 1975 he would dress up as the clown and attend parties and events for some extra money Casey’s crimes were truly horrific he would target young men who were usually prostitute or Runaways promising them work then taking them back to his home and performing a variety of sick acts some were chloroformed raped and then strangled and others were tortured and choked with their own underwear his crimes came to an end in 1978 when he was investigated over the disappearance of a 15 year old boy after searching John’s house in Des Plaines Illinois the police uncovered the horror of his crimes and he eventually confessed he admitted he had lost count of how many he had killed but police found 26 bodies buried in the crawl space beneath his home which case he said he had intended to concrete over three further bodies were found elsewhere on his property and he admitted to discarding four of his latest victims’ bodies in the nearby Des Plaines River Gacy was convicted of thirty three murders in total although it’s thought there are many more unconfirmed killings in 1980 he was sentenced to death after spending 14 years on death row was finally executed by lethal injection on the 10th of May 1994 Gacy showed no remorse for his crimes and whilst awaiting execution he created many pieces of artwork most of which included skulls and Disney characters after his death some of these were sold off with perhaps the strangest being a South portrait depicting a clown that he labeled goodbye Pogo the clown