TOP 10 Unique Amazing People With Extreme Body Deformities IN THE WORLD

the tree man didi Guevara made national headlines after being dubbed the tree man didi suffers from an extremely rare fungal infection called of play Avera CIFOR –mess which causes another warts to grow from his hands and feet didi got to the point where he wasn’t able to use his hands or feet anymore at all while there is no cure for the condition in 2008 didi left his home in Indonesia to have over 12 pounds of warts removed but unfortunately it didn’t stop the growths from returning

potaro by accattone de from Uganda Patera Bayaka Tunde was tormented and shunned by his neighbors because he was suffering from Crouzon syndrome this causes a malformation in the skull that pushed his ears down and pushes eyeballs out of his socket this affects one in every twenty five thousand births and can be treated if in the early stages but because ptera lived too far from the nearest hospital he was left untreated however a doctor who heard botero┬┤s story raise money for the boy to travel to Austin Texas for corrective surgery ptera lived there for six months and went through multiple surgeries to correct his skull his second surgery had complications where he lost 80% of his blood volume but miraculously survived and now lives a normal life in his village

the Elephant Man joseph merrick is best known as the Elephant Man he was born in 1836 in London he was born with protis syndrome which caused huge lumps to form on the body thus causing his bones to deform and thicken as well as warp his skin he became a sideshow attraction and became a celebrity of the time because his head was so large and heavy he had to sleep sitting up but in 1890 he wanted to sleep lying down which caused his neck to dislocate and he died from the injury

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