TOP 10 Unique Amazing People With Extreme Body Deformities IN THE WORLD

living with the deformity is something most of us never want to endure but the people in this video are living life to the fullest and have become an inspiration for us all you won’t find squid tongues coming out of cute girls but instead you’ll find some incredible stories of survival

The mask a 14 month old baby named Kang Kang made national headlines after images surfaced of him with what looks to be him wearing a mask Kang Kang suffered from a rare facial cleft that gives him a second face on top of his normal face it is still unknown as to what exactly caused the baby’s condition but doctors believe it could be anything from an infection to possible drug use by his mother well it took a significant amount of money Hank Hanks family was able to pay for a cost of surgery to correct his face

Jose mr. Jose Messer looks as though he shouldn’t be alive but he is a medical marvel from Lisbon Portugal Jose developed a large facial deformity that started as a lip growth when he was just 14 years old the growth eventually turned into a tumor and grew to weigh over 12 pounds he’s become blind in one eye and it is nearly impossible for him to sleep breathe or even eat he eventually travelled to Chicago in 2010 where he had the tumor removed after living with it for over 40 years

turtle boy a little boy from Colombia named dieter Montalvo was born with congenital melanocytic nevus condition which caused moles to grow all over his body at a fast rate one such Morel grew so fast that it covered all of dieter’s back and he was nicknamed turtle boy because the massive mole looked like a turtle shell unfortunately this condition also caused dieter to be ostracized from his school and community as it was believed he was cursed by the devil however a surgeon by the name of Neil Bulstrode heard eaters story and travelled to Bogota to remove the mole

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