Secrets !! THE 8 Most Heavily protected places In The WORLD! you should know about

Nihao island but why is neo isn’t protected for reasons of national security but rather to preserve the native hawaiian language and knee house unique way of life known as Hawaii forbidden island Nihao has been privately owned by the Robinsons since 1864 even today in 2018 the island was completely and solar-powered electricity and no paved roads or running water there were about 100 people living on the island and they all speak of the traditional dialect of Hawaiian neay how is the only island where Hawaiian is spoken as a primary language the Islanders are for the most part self-sustaining as they grow forage and hunt for their food located just 17 miles of the coast of Hawaii Nihao is so close to modern civilization yet it seems to be forever stuck in the past in the beginning travelers were allowed to visit the island as they pleased but that changed in 1952 after there was a polio outbreak among Hawaii’s islands in a bit to preserve the Niihau people the Robinsons forbade anyone from visiting if you’re looking to visit the house today you can only do so if you’re invited by the Robinson family or by a resident otherwise you can’t book a tour through two of the Robinson’s tour companies however the tours only give you restricted access to the island and you are forbidden from interacting with the Islanders it might seem silly that this island is obviously protected but the Robinsons are just trying to preserve a native culture that almost disappeared completely when the u.s. annex Hawaii back in 1898

CIA headquarters the headquarters for the CIA also known as the Central Intelligence Agency is located in Virginia the CIA is an independent federal agency that’s responsible for providing national security intelligence to American policymakers due to security and logistical issues the CIA does not give tours of its headquarters buildings even the Museum located on site is only open to CIA employees their families and visitors and agency business the building is so secure that their on-site Starbucks is touted as one of the most secure Starbucks on the planet not only do the baristas have to go through intense interviews and background checks but they also to be escorted whenever they leave their work area they can’t even tell their family or friends where exactly they work no names are written on the cups either and there are no rewards cards because they’re worried that the information stored of them could fall into the wrong hands one ex agent who work at the CIA headquarters back in the 60s claims the badge that he was given didn’t even allow him to go to the men’s washroom without an escort he had to go through a polygraph test to be allowed underscored and access throughout the building he was also told to be careful about what he said in the building because there were microphones everywhere CIA agents are not allowed to tell anyone that they’re working for the CIA and must deflect anyone who asks too many questions it makes sense that it’s so protected though since the building does guard the nation’s secrets

boldly in public car park in Derby England there is a public car park that is believed to be as safe as Fort Knox well the boat lane car park doesn’t look like much from the outside it does promise that you’re guaranteed to not have your car or anything in your car stolen while parked there if you follow four simple steps according to the Guardian there was a red panic button located on every pillar in the parking lot the only way in or out of a lot is through the main gates or by two pedestrian entrances but what really differentiates this parking lot are the sensors under each individual parking spot once you’ve secured a spot any movement of the car will trigger an alarm if this happens the car park can seal off the lot trapping the thief and your car inside the four steps that you have to follow to ensure security are put all valuables away lock your vehicle secure your parking spot and keep it to you with you until you return costing over six hundred forty five thousand to implement this park state car park has turned what used to be a horrible place to park your car into a safe-haven

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