Secrets !! THE 8 Most Heavily protected places In The WORLD! you should know about

it seems that these days security is a top priority for many countries and organizations everyone wants to be safe and every wants to keep things that are important save to make sure to stick around until the end to hear about a building that could survive anything even a hydrogen bomb. here’s the eight most protected places in the world

Pentagon although it’s hard to confirm the Pentagon is believed to be the most heavily protected building in the world physically located in Arlington County Virginia but boasting a Washington address this protected building is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense with over five million square feet of space it is believed that 25,000 employees work here on a daily basis there is a rumor that during the Cold War the Russians never had less than two missiles pointed at the Pentagon center courtyard which is how it earned the nickname Ground Zero as you already know the building was targeted during the 9/11 attacks put all that information together and it’s easy to see why the Pentagon is so heavily protected well it’s difficult to know exactly what their security measures include we do know the Washington DC has a flight restriction zone that covers areas like the White House and the Pentagon this means that if an unauthorized pilot accidentally enters the no-fly area fighter jets will quickly appear to let them know that they’re not welcome it is also widely believed that the Pentagon has anti-aircraft missiles you can visit the building through the Pentagon tourist program but you have to make sure to show up at least 60 minutes in advance to go through security photography inside is not permitted and you can’t use your cell phone while on the tour and while employees are allowed to have their cell phones at work they reportedly isn’t any cell reception throughout most of the building when 9/11 happened the Pentagon was actually in the middle of renovations which included reinforce in the building’s concrete and installing blast proof windows and walls we can only imagine the security measures that were put into place after the attack which obviously cannot be revealed to the public.

Air Force one while Air Force One is in to building it is the name of any Air Force airplane responsible for carrying one of the most protected people in the world the President of the United States the same planes can be used by the vice-president but they’re called Air Force two whenever the president isn’t on board seen as a global symbol of us power these two customized Boeing Jets are equipped to function as a mobile command center in the event of an attack on the United States with over 4,000 square feet on three levels the plate includes a presidential suite equipped with a large office and a conference room there is also a medical suite on board that can function as an operating room if need be according to the White House there is always a doctor on board – the plane is even equipped with two food-preparation galleys that can feed up to 100 people at once and of course special quarters are provided for those who accompany the president in flight business and side reports that there are 85 phones on board and the aircraft is a virtually unlimited range due to its capability to refuel midair the electronics on board are heavily protected against the electromagnetic post associated with a nuclear blast and the aircraft of some of the most advanced secure communications equipment the plane essence usually escorted by fighter jets but you can bet that fighter jets will show up if anyone gets within 30 nautical miles of the president in flight Air Force One is even equipped with electronic countermeasures to jam enemy radar and it could also report lijek flares in an attempt to divert heat-seeking missiles.

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